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Legacy Egyptian calendar Sothic Cycle dating leads to Roman, Julian and finally Gregorian solar calendars.

The Creative Week helped plant early seeds of faith. To the immemorial ones of antiquity, the keys of time unlocked the doors to the spirit and soul, and to eternal life and death.

Operation of the calendar is the most precious eternal wisdom that humanity will ever grasp.

The ages of Adam and Seth reveal a discovery that someday may change how archeologists address traditional chronology.

Calendar systems map world chronology according to different beginnings.

Ancient Calendars of the Holy Bible shows general calendar flow starting from original seven day weeks and lunar phases.

Progression toward 360-day midpoint years involves lunar/solar calendars.Antediluvian Calendar derives the Begat Genealogy of Adam in chapter 5 of Genesis.Egyptian, Jewish, Mesoamerican and the 364-day calendar year stem variations of the ancient calendar system.Some follow Jewish tradition and put the Creation date at 5,766 years ago or about 3,761 years BCE.Others credit Archbishop Ussher with calculating in 1,701 AD. The Egyptian Calendar begins between 4,236 BCE and 4,241 BCE, along with Egyptian mythology explaining the world's Creation.Starting dates depend upon star observation in Egypt, since that is the only way primal society had to mark calendar years.

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