Avoid dating men with kids

I only ever care about getting attention from one man: my man. Kids like to be seen and heard, and they like to be seen and heard often.

which was probably implied, but I wanted to clarify.

I, along with my close friends, along with many other single women of my generation, have strong views when it comes to dating a man with a kid, or dating a man with kids - plural - that aren't yours...

In my opinion, it can be, and usually is, a tough situation.

I’m the kind of woman who has never cared much to be on the receiving end of male attention.

A single mom knows exactly what she wants in a new relationship.

Her main priority is her children and she will not stand for a man who messes her about, strings her along or assumes she's vulnerable just because she's on her own.

Many women with kids are seeking an emotionally mature man who respects both her and her children.

Get that right and you've taken the first step toward dating a single mother successfully.

And if they don't get your attention, they'll probably fuss, cry and whine until they do - even more so if these kids are your kids. All these statements have nothing to do with my opinion of kids in general. Being with a man who has kids, however, means his time, energy and resources are all devoted to the child(ren) before they even think of being devoted to me, despite the fact that I don't have children getting in the way of my devotion to him. And it can seem unfair to even think or say all this, because it makes me sound like a self-entitled brat.

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