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Raising honeybees is not only critical for the world's food supply, but for the growth of flowers and trees all over the world.

Most beekeeper's raise honeybees as a hobby for their own supply of honey and pleasure.

However, most people starting out into raising honeybees don't realize that can make a nice part-time income in renting out their honeybees to farmers.

Anyone can become a beekeeper with a little training and knowledge and its a rewarding job or hobby to help re-establish the honeybee colony that have been disappearing from the world for some odd reasons over the past ten years.

Getting started as a beekeeper is fairly cheap with projected costs between $300-$500 depending on what supplies and equipment you plan to start with.

Below you'll find some great resources on helping you get started in beekeeping.

The key to beekeeping is knowledge and the resources below will give you the right information to get started successfully.

Also, visit forums and contact your local agriculture office and see if any beekeeping associations are operating in your area.

And it works seamlessly with your apps and i OS devices.

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