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Now you're just following one person and his tour around America or what he's doing or what he wore or if she shaved her head.

It's so easy to just click in for just a second and then come out.

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Now I can tell you, "Oh man, 47 people just died in Syria." Why? I'm just giving you the news blip of what's going on."It's been a full week since we last ran the most NSFW photos from the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, which means there's been seven more days for photo journalists to get their perv on.

Again, men's diving and women's gymnastics steal the show but we will fulfill our promise of bringing you the best pics from the beach volleyball scene, which has it's medal rounds on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. This past Friday, Kiehl’s ended its seventh annual Life Ride at the Shops of Liberty Place.

Over the course of 10 days, celebrity motorcyclists raised awareness and funds for AIDS research.

The Chuck actor and the Rookie Blue actress - who kept their relationship under wraps - shared the news with their Twitter followers by posting a sweet snap of them wearing matching Mr and Mrs hoodies after their weekend wedding.

Missy, 32, first tweeted the picture and wrote: 'That coffee date was UNREAL @zacharylevi," she Tweeted, adding the hashtag, "#marriedinmaui,' while 33-year-old Zachary retweeted it and wrote: 'these dreams and goals are really workin out'.

Hiding under a huge wig, dark sunglasses and a leather jacket, Joel David Moore — of "Dodgeball" and "Avatar" fame — gets in touch with his own skate-punk roots to play Joey Ramone in "CBGB," a film tribute to the NYC rock club's genesis. And he was like, "Give me 0 for this." I was like, "I'm 16, where am I going to get 0?The role called for a lot of reminiscing — and a lot of thought about how much times have changed. You don't get to meet Joey, because obviously he's dead, but you have the entire public awareness of him. He was a very, very smart guy but there were some social patterns that were… He was a little tucked in, and I think that was what I was really going for. " And he goes, "Okay, give me, like, 20 for it." I was like, "Dude, this is totally stolen." But because we're in this rebel mode of our lives, whether it's rebelling against our parents or rebelling against society or whatever, I was like, "F— it," and I took the car and we drove around all night.How much of getting Joey right was just about the look? When you see him on stage, he becomes a little bit of a rock star but he's really just getting up there and tapping his head and singing his song and done. If I'd gotten pulled over I would've been arrested. Back then it was a grassroots movement of people, and now it's movements or persons, one person at a time getting famous. Social media has made us more aware but dumber because we're getting pieces of information. Like a friend of mine wanted to sell me a car — this is terrible — and I knew it was stolen. I got in and there was a f—ing screwdriver in the ignition. When I was a kid in Oregon I ended up doing such dumb things.There was no version of me going, "Oh no, my buddy gave me the car and he said just take it." Do you think a movement like this could happen again, given how culture and communication have changed? I think the punk movement was a movement of a bunch of people, and social media allows for movement of certain people. He blew up from the You Tube generation and then somebody getting him onto a social media platform and now he has 45 million followers. Back in the day if you wanted to go to CBGB you'd see a bunch of different bands.

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