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I was a bit let down by Pattaya, the people were rude and while there are lots of in shape sexy bodies I just don’t find Thai faces very attractive.

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I head to Nana Plaza but somehow walk right past it and don’t see it. but I swear at 4am I walked right by and didn’t have a clue.

I turn around and walk back by Kinaree to grab some food thanks to Jspills recommendation. You have to be kidding me, 3 weeks with no spoilers, random Thai eatery at 4am 3 hours before I am going to watch the game. Next night I tell Jspill I want to go to Wildcats because I heard it was one of the best gogos in Bangkok and then maybe hit up a BJ bar like Kasalong or Dr. We meet at Little Italy right by Soi Cowboy for a quick bite to eat and then go to Wildcats.

I go up to order my food and on a table sitting next to the cash register is a lone newspaper. On the way to Little Italy I am walking across the street and this pretty well dressed (i.e. It is just an AWFUL approach spot on a dark part of the sidewalk but that doesn’t deter me.

This caused me to not be able to download the Super Bowl and I had gone almost a month with no spoilers.

First thing I did before I went to bed was get the game downloading and when I woke up it was finished (as were many other things I downloaded, Thai internet is awesome.)First night I do some work then go roam around.

Simple plans for the night, walk past the freelancer spots and see if there are any hot ones whose Line IDs I should get.

Grab a bite to eat, head to the hotel work again and then watch the Super Bowl.

After doing a month in Pattaya I extended the 30 day visa waiver to 60 days for 1900 Baht and headed to Bangkok.

Right off the bat when the bus got to the airport I pass a girl in a Hooters outfit.

I snap a blurry creeper pic for the fans and walk past to check out the front view.

The front looks pretty good and since I will be in BKK for the next month I decide to go write my line down on a piece of paper to give to her.

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