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Attorneys at the law practice have experience in taxation as it relates to family law and tax issues.

Issues that might come up by selling large amounts of assets or liquidating securities include: A matrimonial lawyer can offer a comprehensive strategy for how to obtain the maximum value for the assets to be divided.

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My brother liquidated all my mother assets while she in a nursing home and she has just passed away and he is saying all assets are gone.

Do I have any right to ask him why he transferred large sums of her money to his account?

He did this probably five years ago and we were unaware.

He will give no information because he says we aren't entitled to know.

Her stay at the nursing home was paid by Spousal Va Benefits and her social security, so her assets shouldn't have been needed. He could not use the power of attorney to benefit himself-so it would be worth looking into with an attorney.

Her medical expenses were paid by medicare and her supplemental insurance AARP. Six years ago he told her she could move in with him, if she gave him power of attorney and made him executor of her will. His defense could be that the assets were gifted or an elder law attorney devised a shifting of assets to qualify for benefits.Divorce tends to damage women financially far more than men.In a divorce, the first instinct of people might be to liquidate as many assets as possible in order to split the proceeds more simply.However, this is not necessarily the best course of options.One of the primary reasons for this is the tax implications that could stem from a large-scale liquidation of assets.Peter Morris Law advises New York clients who are considering how to proceed with their divorce case and their assets.

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